Bluestacks Download Free For PC/Laptop Windows 10/7/8

Looking to download Bluestacks on Your Windows PC?

Technology has gone beyond our imagination. Smartphone, PCs, smart wears don’t only make our daily life hassle free but also these work effortlessly between cross devices. Operating systems got the big pie of the credit while hardware enhancements can’t be ignored.

A few years ago, we started enjoying Android in our daily smart telephony. With different apps and games, Android simply overtook our minds. But getting everything done on the phone sometimes becomes boring, and we start to find our relief into the so-called old generation devices like PCs. But we could not run the Android applications and run the thrilling games on our Windows PCs till Bluestacks comes to the emulator arena and everything started changing.

Android isn’t a standalone operating system at all because Bluestacks bridges the gap between our PCs and Android phones. It emulates everything that we can do on our phones! With a bigger screen, enjoyment gets doubled.

Bluestacks- What are its Functions and How To Download Bluestacks

In simple words, it’s nothing but a world famous emulator that solved the syncing issues between two different operating systems- Windows and Android! But there is a red sign- we can only emulate the Android apps on Windows PCs using Bluestacks but not the reverse one!

So, in a line, it’s an Android emulator for Windows devices!

Why Bluestacks gets popularity?

It has already received more than 10 millions installations worldwide! You can guess the popularity by counting the number of people using it. Millions of people are using it and are taking the gist out of it. There are several points why it gets huge eye catching footfalls on its download zone-

Bluestacks was the first Android emulator in the market after that Andy came into competition. But Bluestacks is still leading!! The first impression works here.

It’s freely available on the internet; even the official website provides it at free of cost! This is another reason why it got the attentions of millions of Android users.

Many of us wanted a system that syncs between Android and Windows because a maximum of us use Windows PCs and Android phone, so the pie of this combination is also the highest in the world and there is no doubt about it.

How does Bluestacks work?

Bluestacks has some libraries of emulator inside the .exe file that simply convert the signals of an ARM instruction set to run on AMD instruction set. In a laymen language- it translates the instructions! It sounds pretty simple but actually quite harder than our imaginations.

Minimum Specs to run Bluestacks

Yes, in order to run this, your PC must have some minimum configurations. Here is the list-

  • Though you can easily run it on 1 GB RAM, recommended specs is 2 GB RAM.
  • Make sure that your system is running on Android ice-cream sandwich at least otherwise you will get Google Play support while running the same on your PC using Bluestacks. In a simple line, Bluestacks can’t read the things properly, and you will end up with doing nothing but time pass.

Why we give thumbs up to Bluestacks- The positive points

  • It simply brings two different generations closer. It empowers your Windows PC to do anything regardless of the OS you are using on your smartphone. You will not be in the clutches of bars of “can’t” and “can” anymore.
  • Playing Android games on PC is really a charm. Bigger screen brings better entertainment.
  • It solves some hard cracking nuts like doing the same thing on two different devices like PCs and Android phones.

Some issues to be solved- The negative points of Bluestacks

Ahhh… like every other app, Bluestacks does not have everything alright. Here are some points we really wish to be solved so that it can be the unchallenged leader of its domain.

Amateur keyboard: We noticed a glitch in its keyboard and especially if you are typing any long sentence then you may have to jostle with the annoying glitches.

A glitch in image and video processing: Running games on landscape mode are awesome, but if you want to take the same experience on the portrait mode then you may face a hell lot of issues. This is another setback of using Bluestacks for emulating your favorite Android game on your PCs.

Bugs in processing: Loading apps and games take a lot of time than usual. Let me tell you one thing, even if the size of the game or app isn’t that big, Bluestacks always takes more time than your estimation. So the processing time is irritating and sometimes it compel us to go back.

5 Bluestacks Alternative Worth Trying!! Best
Best Bluestacks Alternative Worth Trying!!

 Bluestacks Download: For Windows 10/8/7

File Size 316.32 MB
Price Free
Downloads 2,000,000+
Platform Windows

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