5 Bluestacks Alternative Worth Trying!!


Looking for Bluestacks Alternative?

Android is a great operating system and also the most popular one used by millions, so there are emulators for it to be used across different platforms. The best emulator for android in windows is Bluestacks android emulator.

But many people find it bounded are not comfortable to use it or it doesn’t function properly in their windows computer. Also, many people or developers are searching for an android emulator with more customize-ability, some are looking for stock android experience and there are a lot of reasons to search for Bluestacks Alternative.

So, in this post, I will list the top 5 Bluestacks Alternatives and brief them with their features, backlog, and all other stuff and also provide you with the direct download links for all the emulators.

5 Best Bluestacks Alternative:

  1. Youwave

This is the most used Android emulator in windows after blue stacks because it has more customizability and many developers love this software a lot because you can edit almost anything in the android root files using some add-on software provided by them.

2. Ko Player

As the name says this software is completely dedicated for the Android games, which you will find more easier and a lot more fun when you play them in the computer controls. This software features the new x86 or the 32 cum 64-bit operating system support to support all the apps available in the play store, that is over 5 million apps and also other apps which are not available in the play store. More than regular apps, games perform much better in it.

3. Memu

MEmu is another good Android emulator, which is one of the best blues tracks alternatives. It is free to download and the materialistic theme of the software makes every people who use it love it. Again this software is also designed basically for games, but other apps also work fine here. This software is really cool, so go ahead and download and use it as a Bluestacks alternative.

4. Andy

Andy is an old yet powerful android emulator, it has been serving a lot of users for more than 5 years, it is been evolving from the time Android became famous. You can install and use any Android apps or game with the apk extension in this software.

5. Droid 4X

This is really materialistic and one of my favorite. I really love their theme a lot looks very clean and good. An important feature of this software is it comes with a pre-rooted operating system so that developers and Android geeks could play with it. This is technically not an android emulator rather it is a stimulator so it might be called a Bluestacks Alternative technically.


These are the 5 best Bluestacks Alternative available on the internet and many people also use them, I hope you found this article useful and got a lot of alternatives of blue stacks to try. Share your valuable feedbacks below in the comments section.

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