Best Android Emulators For Windows 10 & 8.1


There are mainly three major operating systems across the globe which majority of the people use, they are android, iOS and windows. Out of these three, the ranking is like first Android, then iOS and the last one is Windows which is disappearing day by day.

Many people opt to Android mainly because of its flexibility, customizability and more importantly, it is a free and open source, anyone can get the stock Android operating system and customize it for their own use.

So, being the best operating system for smartphones in the industry many people use the Android only applications for their day to day use. So, they need the Android apps in computer sometimes like when they are in office, it will be great if all are in one place.

So in this post, I will share the 2 Best Android Emulators For Windows 10, both are free to download from their official sites.


Ask anyone who is more into a computer for the best android emulator for windows, the answer next moment will be blue stacks, it is one of the oldest and the famous android emulator for windows.

Bluestacks is famous for a variety of reasons like it is free for everyone, the complete Android use experience in a smartphone is retained in it, and a lot more.

Features of Blue stacks:

Free for all Windows users and you can directly download it on the bluestacks official website.

If you use it in a tab with the full screen more, then you cannot identify if it is a Windows OS tab or an Android one.

Bluestacks is regularly updated with the new Android versions. And even some modified custom ROM versions and rooted versions are also available.

You can install any app and any number of apps which will be installed in the computer’s memory.

The software itself is just 300MB and it does the job of a smartphone flawlessly.


It is yet another famous Android Emulators For Windows, which is used mostly by developers, this emulator provides you with the stock Android experience. Youwave is also a completely free software to download.

There are some additional add-on software for you wave like you wave tweaker which allows you to change the Android ID, device ID, MAC address, IMEI number, and all the other stuff, some add-ons also allow switching between different Android versions.

Another best part of you wave software is it is open source, anyone can download it and tweak it for their own purpose. This is a highly customizable more than the Android could like software which is mostly used by developers but noobs can also get with it.

So, these are the two main Android Emulators For Windows 10 which is used by many people daily. If you have feedback or issues comment below, we will help you out.

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